I’m Valentina, I’m a photographer, wife, and a few years baby’s mother. My family is everything to me and is my pillar. I spent all my childhood living in the countryside. Countryside enabled me to develop a devotion to nature and taught me how to make use of the different season’s characteristics.
My philosophy is living to discover beauty in simplicity: feeling the wind in my hair, tasting the purity and intensity of an embrace. I love the idea of freezing time and making it unending. Through my pictures, I like to achieve a combination between truth and beauty, touching the spectators’ souls. I favor intimate, friends-and-family weddings, located in peculiar and rich detailed places. Being fascinated by beauty, I’m even passionate about photographing my bride’s dress details, flowers, and shoes. Very often, in front of a couple in love, I get excited.
Photography does not mean to me just a job: it is a lifestyle, continuous research for beauty, and an ongoing attempt to generate emotion. I like traveling for business as well as with my family because I allow my mind to wander freely and get new hints for my job. I’m in love with my life.